Ignite your idea with Enfount start-up assistance services

If you are part of the vibrant start-up culture making ground in Sri Lanka, we’d like to assist.

Whether you are simply exploring in setting up a company or need assistance in managing administrative aspects or are on the way to exploring potential investment funding our following service offering coverage might what you are looking for:

Company Formation

Want to focus on your idea rather than the intricacies of formalities in setting up a company? Our team of experts would take on all aspects of the registration of a company leaving you to focus on your idea.

Start-up advisory and Consultancy

With the founders of Enfount backed by a track record of managing successful start-ups in Sri Lanka, we’d like to provide our expertise in making a start-up successful with insightful consultancy and advisory on setting up, go to market strategies as well as ongoing operational assistance that include the provision of shared services that include accounting, HR & recruitment assistance as well as investment and funding facilitation.

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